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Luciano De Castro
Born To Ride Bulls
Luciano De Castro

Luciano de Castro finished in the Top 20 in 2023 World Standings but is laser focused on achieving that #1 spot. This rider lives, breathes, and loves the sport of bull riding. While most little boys’ fantasies were around soccer back in his home town of Sao Paulo, Brazil, his dream has always been bull riding.

His dad rode and raised bulls and each rodeo event they went to together, Luciano’s determination to become the best professional bull rider, grew. Working on a farm at the age of 14, he was able to buy his own bull riding gear and practice on his dad’s bull at home. Word spread fast of how good he was and the locals would come watch him practice. Turning pro by age 16, Luciano was awarded Rookie of the Year at his very first rodeo.

Born to bull ride, he quickly achieved his next goal to move to and compete in the United States of America. Not the language barrier. Not the more difficult bulls. And not even knee surgery that took him out of the arena for six months can stop Luciano.

His deeply rooted family values instilled in him by his parents when he was young have grown stronger with his own family (wife, Isabella and two kids). Luciano remembers advice from his dad: be humble and win with humility…and have a lot of faith in God. Luciano describes “the ride” in eight words: grit, love, focus, sadness, winning, goal, gratitude, and dream. We describe him in these eight words: Determined. Humble. Romantic. Determined. Faithful. Sensitive. Strong. Focused.

Eduardo Aparecido
Eduardo Aparecido
Taking Life One Bull Ride at a Time

Brazilian Native, Eduardo Aparecido, is from Gouvelandia, Goiás, but now calls Decatur, Texas home. Married with three kids, this “all-in” rider is inspired by his family and anchored by his faith to overcome anything – even the most challenging and difficult situations like riding bucking bulls.

Finishing just outside the Top 10 in 2023, Eduardo rode his first bull at age 15 and was competing professionally at 16 in Brazil. As a child all he wanted was to build a stable life. His first aspiration was to become a professional soccer player. Until his first ride. Then he knew he was destined to be a bull rider.

Strong family values shape who Eduardo is personally and professionally. Growing up on a farm with his mom, dad, sister and brother, life wasn’t always easy, but from struggle comes strength. Each day he wakes up and looks at his kids and wife, is his best day. He’s overflowing with gratitude that he’s healthy, what he’s accomplished so far, and all the blessings that are on the way.

The unique relationship between Eduardo and the bull he rides is part of why he’s so good at it. “The bull is my friend. I have to be good for him so he does a good job for me.” – Eduardo Aparecido. He also holds on to the best advice he received from his dad: When in the U.S. regardless of the difficulties, stay strong, trust in God, and everything will be alright.

So when you hear music by Madalima, Casiani come on, Eduardo is about to leave the chute. He describes the ride in 8 words: Love. Feel-Good. Aspire. Dream. Strength. Belief. Happiness. Proud. We describe him in these 8 words: Strong. Family. Grateful. Faith. Determined. Fearless. Positive. Provider.

Keyshawn Whitehorse
Beats Every 8 Seconds

Keyshawn grew up in Utah in a tightknit, traditional Navajo family. Now calling McCracken Spring, UT home, his spirituality, relentless preparation, and drive to be the best version of himself personally and professionally has laid the foundation for win after win. With a dream of becoming one of the best riders in the world, Keyshawn also wants to impact the lives of others around him.

Keyshawn’s dream has always been to ride bulls. At age five, he watched bull riding with his dad on TV for the first time. The very next day his dad bought him his first pair of spurs and eventually signed him up for a training clinic. As the 2018 Rookie of the Year, with 16 PBR career wins, and on his way to a million dollars in winnings, Bull riding is who Keyshawn Whitehorse is – where he belongs.

So what’s the secret to Keyshawn’s 8 second ride? Preparation. Mentally and physically. Just moments before he leaves the chute, Keyshawn keeps his mind blank, repeats a few key affirmations over and over before the gate opens because once it does, there’s no more control. Just your skill, your will, and God.

Keyshawn has a great love and respect for bulls. He recognizes the bull’s unlimited amount of athletic ability, but also knows the softer side of bulls. Owning bulls at his house he sees them relax and twiddle their ears with a great calmness in their eyes.

Keyshawn describes the ride in eight words: Aggressive. Dance. Flow. Strong. Discipline. Gratitude. Dream. Ambition.

We describe Keyshawn in these eight words: Honest. Brave. Strong. Poetic. Spiritual. Likeable. Determined. Heart.

Vitor Losnake
Vitor Losnake
Full of the Fire of Youth

Vitor Losnake, Brazilian native from Bodu, Sao Paulo, enters his second season with the Ridge Riders. After making his debut in the United States in 2022, Vitor has already earned numerous event wins and has a deep love for the sport. Bull riding is his entire life.

As a small boy, Vitor always dreamed of being a bull rider. His dad rode horses, but Vitor rode bulls starting at age 10 and professionally at age 15. He always said he would win a championship in Brazil and go onto the US. Now living out his dream, he’s ready to show the US fans what he’s made of. Even after a bad altercation with a bull at his first rodeo in Brazil (he woke up in the ambulance), Vitor Losnake is unshakeable.

Close to his mom, dad and 9-year-old sister, his strong family values and work ethic from growing up on a farm give him the makings of being a champion in the US. With his baby sister cheering him on, he carries a small teddy bear she gifted to him for good luck. He calls her "coach."

Vitor describes the ride in 8 words: Love, emotion, strength, skill, courage, competence and passion. We describe him in these 8 words: Spirited. Relentless. Ambitious. Passionate. Values. Unstoppable. Dedicated. Loyal.

Chase Dougherty
He Only Goes Up From Here

Chase Dougherty, a Camby, Oregon native now calling Decatur, Texas home, is a straight-shooting rider that sees bull riding as just another day of fun. With his wife, Kara, and son, Calgary, at his side and his faith in God, Chase has one goal and one goal only: dominate the bull and win.

Inspired to ride bulls by his father, who rode himself until he was 40, Chase recalls watching VHS tapes of bull riding. Watching. Learning. Taking it all in. Athletics came easy to Chase – in High School he rode bulls, barebacked horses, and did team ropes along with being a football player, wrestler, and pole vaulter.

After a quick 2-year pit stop in business school studying accounting, Chase knew numbers and an office job wasn’t for him. The rodeo was his place. And the rodeo needed Chase. With multiple wins under his belt earning over a half a million dollars throughout his career to date, this 2x PBRWF finalist and 2018 WNFR Avg. Champ and Top Gun Winner, still has a lot of ride in him.

Not only does Chase Dougherty love the sport of bull riding, he’s a family man to the core and always wanted to be one. His love story began at a rodeo in Calgary, Alberta (inspiration for his son’s name). The night Chase and Kara met he told his dad, "I think I met the girl I’m gonna marry."

So when you hear "Lonely is the Night" by Billy Squire come on, Chase is about to dominate his 8 second ride. Chase describes the ride in 8 words: biggest adrenaline rush you are ever gonna have. We describe him in these 8 words: Loyal. Family. Tough. Strong-willed. Honest. Husband. Authentic. Funny.

Chase Dougherty
Colten Fritzlan
Colten Fritzlan
Forward-Thinker With Mind’s Eye On the Road Ahead

Colten Fritzlan is ranked #12 worldwide. A forward-thinker with his mind’s eye on the road ahead, Fritzlan’s bull-riding has been quick to become synonymous with pure excellence.

Born in Rifle, Colorado, Colten is the fourth generation of Fritzlans to compete in rodeo and roughstock. He told his dad he was a bull rider when he was just seven years old. Not long after, Colten started calf riding in the amateur rodeos where his dad, Cole Fritzlan, also competed. In high school, he became a two-time Colorado State Champion. His stellar scores earned him a rodeo scholarship to Western Texas College. At the 2019 National Finals Rodeo, he won the RAM Rodeo PRCA Permit challenge. In 2020, he was named PRCA’s Resistol Rookie of the Year and finished 3rd in their world standings. He won the American Rodeo at AT&T stadium in 2021.

Only the toughest can ride the toughest, and taking on the challenge doesn’t come without its risks. His family and his faith in God have kept Fritzlan strong and determined through multiple elbow surgeries by the age of eleven, a bull-broken leg in high school, and a shoulder injury in 2022. In all instances, recovery was both trying and fortifying. Fritzlan knows the importance of a sound mind in a sound body, and regularly advocates working with sports psychologists. “Bull riding is a taxing sport so I’ve been trying to work on my mind a lot as well,” he said. “Riding my horses bare back, listening to audio books, writing my goals down, I’m always trying to get better in any way I can.”

“All Glory to God!” Fritzlan says. Following God’s path has brought him bull-riding among the best of the best, and a loving family as his compass. He lives in Lipan, Texas with his girlfriend Regan and their daughter Lena Bly, born December 2021.